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Remove all the winter grit and salt from you chassis with our new Chassis Power Wash. This service is normally only available if you take your car to a car wash. However if you take pride in your car you would never consider this. We now have the capability to power wash all vehicle chassis which you can also add to the package that you require at an additional cost of only £10.

Bronze Package - £45+VAT

This package is a Hand wash using Auto Finesse Lather which is a PH Neutral shampoo, followed by a High pressure rinse. Auto Finesse Iron out is applies to the wheels which removes all iron and break dust contamination from the wheels. The vehicle is then hand dried. Finally a coat of Auto Finesse Tripple, which is an all in one polish, applied to the vehicle. Very simple but effective. 

Silver Package - £295+VAT

This detail is based on primarily the exterior surfaces, The process is started with a coat of citrus power which is a detergent based formula that removes bug splatter and most road grime. Engine bay is also cleaned with Auto Finesse Verso then high pressure steam cleaned. Snow foam wash procedure is then applied and left for a max of 30 mins to ensure all dirt is removed from the vehicle. Followed by a two bucket system hand wash. The vehicle is then hand dried. Depending on the paint quality the vehicle would also be clayed to remove any contamination. Paint is then sealed with one of our recommended sealants. A coat of high quality polish or wax is applied.

Please note that this is not a paint correction detail, only a paint protection process. Minor paint defects can also be corrected at the customers request. This will entail an additional charge depending on the corrections required.

Gold Package - £675+VAT

Our gold detailing package is recommended as a twice a year service for your vehicle. Starting with a warm water jet wash and snow foam procedure to remove all dirt and grime in preparation for a full chemical treatment and claying of paintwork and glass, thus eliminating all surface contaminants resulting in perfectly smooth exterior panels.

Your vehicle is then carefully hand dried and clayed with Auto Finesse clay bar before a specialist glaze is applied to mask any minor defects and provide a high gloss surface finish.

Next, using the highest quality products we apply a wax/sealant which adds valuable protection from the elements enabling your vehicle to retain it's enhanced appearance for up to 6 months, even if you use your vehicle as a daily driver.

All exterior elements are then thoroughly detailed to the highest level. Wheels and glass, tyres and trims are all professionally sealed and polished before we finally turn our attention to your interior which is fastidiously cleaned, vacuumed and conditioned to perfection.

Our gold package is completed in 1 day, however larger vehicles such as 4x4's will usually take longer and may need to remain in our workshop overnight. There is no extra charge for the majority of 4x4 vehicles, adding to the fantastic value of Reflect RS detailing services.

Platinum 2 Day - £885+VAT

Our premium Platinum package involves everything that our Gold Package offers but with the addition of extra paint correction enhancements for the ultimate detailing solution. This package is specifically utilised to resolve any minor paint defects on vehicles of any age that have acquired surface marring, swirl marks and minor scratches to the paintwork. Using our specialist machine polishing equipment and products, minor paint defects can be completely eliminated or at least reduced in appearance. Please be aware that this process may not alleviate deeper scratches and defects but in all cases your exterior paintwork will certainly be dramatically enhanced. Our Platinum package also includes engine bay cleaning and treatment.

The Final process would be to apply 2 x coats of our flagship wax.

Ceramic coating is also available with this package, this procedure takes an edition 12hrs once applied to the vehicle. Please call or email for details.

The entire Platinum detailing treatment is a 2 day process although some vehicles may take longer depending on size i.e. 4x4 etc and on the full assessment of paintwork condition. Extra charges may incur upon vehicle assessment.

Ceramic Coating 1 Day - £330+VAT

This will protect your vehicle for a minimum of 18 months up to a maximum of 3 years depending on what product you request. This procedure is performed after the vehicle has had the Platinum package  as the vehicle must be free from all contamination and all surface scratched, swirl marks and paint defects removed. 1 x coat of Crystal Serum is applied, then 1 x coat of EXO. The vehicle must be left to cure for 12 hours before it can be collected.


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